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Vickery Water Softener Installation

All homes across the south of England suffer from hard water. Over years, chalk and limescale build up in water pipes and appliances, so much so they can stop working. More than this, hard water is also shown to be damaging to your skin. We wanted the best for our children and so we installed a water softener. Now we provide water softener installation services to families and businesses across Hampshire so they too can enjoy the benefits. 

Our skilled professional engineers provide you with quality, trustworthy advice based on our many years of water softener installations and servicing and water softener salt across Hampshire.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Save Time

Image of shower head half covered in grime and half pristine, demonstrating the impact of water softener installation

… because soft water leaves fewer residues than hard water, you’ll need less time for cleaning

Save Money

Soft water bubbles into cupped hands - using less soap, saving you money

… which means using fewer soap and cleaning products. Better for your budget, better for our planet.

Improve Life

A washing machine with a sad face holds up a filament covered in limescale

… of your appliances. Not just washing machines can last longer – kettles, showers, hot water systems… 

Improve Health

… softened water reduces impact of skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

What Vickery Water Softeners can do for you

1 - Initial Advice

Many people value and trust our expert insight on water softeners. We are happy to discuss how water softeners can help you and your family.

2 - Survey

Prior to installing, we survey your property to ensure that you get the right product. This assesses the water quality, usage and pressure, and the plumbing system, flow-rate and installation possibilities.

3 - Quote

We then advise on the most suitable water softener system for your family and give an exact quote with no hidden extras.

4 - Your Choice!

We give you all the information you need, answer your questions, and then the choice is yours.

We guarantee there will be no hard sell!

Water Softener Systems

Example Water Softener Installations

We take pride in the quality of our work, with our installation team taking care to make the water softener plumbing look as tidy as the new unit itself!
View our gallery for more examples.

Image of an old, dated and no longer effective under-unit water softener
Image of a sleek Minimax water softener installed by the professional Vickery team
This image shows how an old water softener was installed, with an over use of joints, taps and loose cabling.
Image shows a neat and tidy installation by the Vickery team that takes great pride in the quality of their water softener installations

Request a free home survey

If you’re in the Hampshire area, please fill out this form, or call us on 01489 354091and we’ll get back to you to arrange a convenient time and date to survey your home.

This water softener installation survey is free and ensures that you get the right water softener system to suit your household.

Our teams serve Hampshire’s cities – Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester. We also deliver across the county from the New Forest to Andover, Basingstoke to Alton, and Petersfield to Havant, and all places in between. 

Because of our closeness to the M27, we also serve Chichester, West Sussex.