Harvey Water Softener

The M2 Minimax Water Softener

Our most popular and best selling block salt water softener has a reputation for outstanding performance, is very economical to run and offers the best after-sales service direct from the manufacturer. The M2 is the latest development in water softening technology and is currently the market leader in the fully-automatic water softener design. This new concept offers many important advantages over conventional softeners.

Block salt

Block salt really takes the hassle out of refilling your water softener. Unlike traditional tablet salt which comes in clumsy 25kg bags, block salt comes in compacted 4kg bricks, making the job of filling your softener simple.

Compact design

The M2 has been designed and manufactured in England for English homes and plumbing. It is the most efficient water softener on the market whilst still compact enough to fit under the kitchen sink. This is achieved primarily by using two short softener cylinders instead of one tall one and using block salt which takes up half the space of tablet salt.

Twin cylinders

The two cylinders make a compact water softener that easily copes with the demands of a large family. Whilst a single cylinder softener has to regenerate at night (wasting capacity, salt and water) the twin cylinder can regenerate on demand. Whereas a single cylinder softener has to be frequently re-programmed for varying water usage, a twin cylinder model automatically compensates for these demand variations. Single cylinder softeners use hard water to regenerate but a twin cylinder softener uses softened water, thus protecting itself from hard water scale.

High flow

Most modern homes are fitted with direct megaflow plumbing systems and multiple power showers, so flow rates are important. The M2 has been designed with all this in mind. The latest model has increased the flow rate capabilities to over 55 litres per minute. This makes it the leader in its field.


Displacement meter control

Displacement meters enable the M2 to regenerate with pinpoint accuracy, even with varying flow rates. This accuracy gives the M2 a massive advantage over other paddle wheel meter designs; what’s more, it can cope with both gravity and direct plumbing systems. There is no need to buy a different model if you move house.


Using the power of water to operate the M2 even cuts out the need for electricity. There is no need to install or give up a plug socket and you won’t be affected by power cuts. There are not timers, motors, adjustments or complicated programming. It really makes water softening simple.

10 year guarantee

For ultimate peace of mind the M2 softener comes with a comprehensive 10-year parts and 2 year labour guarantees.

Can be installed almost anywhere

The M2’s compact size means it can be installed in any convenient location such as under the kitchen sink, utility room, cloak room, airing cupboard, loft, garage, even outside (see the picture opposite). You can also take your softener with you when you move.

Dimensions: Height 490mm, Depth 445mm, Width 206mm

For further information visit www.minimax.co.uk