Harvey Water Softener

The Minimax Innova

Harvey’s latest water softener is the most compact and environmentally friendly softener on the market. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Innova is produced with 68% recycled plastic.

Harvey water softeners are our most popular and best-selling block salt water softener has a reputation for outstanding performance and its advanced twin cylinder technology means it is economical to run. The Innova is the latest development in water softening technology and ensures you have 100% soft water, 100% of the time, while also being kinder on the environment.

Can be installed anywhere

The Innova’s compact size means it can be installed in any convenient location such as under the kitchen sink, utility room, cloak room, airing cupboard, loft, garage, even outside. You can also take your softener with you when you move.


10 year parts and 2 year labour.