Nuwave water softeners 

The NC280 and NC180 have been designed to be one of the most compact water softeners on the market today. Both models have a sophisticated metered control valve that takes care of all the machines functions completely automatically. The NC280 and NC180 use tablet salt in the machines..

The NC280 (left / below)

This will produces approximately 600 gallons of softened water between each regeneration cycle and will easily accommodate a family of up to 8 people.

The NC180 (right / above)

The NC180 may however be the best option if your family is slightly smaller. Its capacity (approximately 300 gallons) is perfectly suited for families of 1 -3 people.


  • Cappers Non Electric Valve.
  • Low profile.
  • The control valves works with two LR20 (Size D) alkaline batteries.
  • 5 digit display for easy reading.
  • The control requires no external power supply. Significant time saving during installation. Requires a battery change on average every two years.
  • Blending valve fitted as standard.
  • Conforms to CE low voltage regulations.