How we can help!

Step 1 – Get in touch

Initially, you may just want some advice – we are happy to chat on the phone or by email.  Click here for contact details.

Step 2 – Survey

To find the best water softener for you however, a survey will be needed. This is free and includes assessment of the following: hardness of the water, household water usage, water pressure, plumbing system, space available for installation, flow-rate and position of stop cock.

Step 3 – Quote

From the survey, we can advise on the most suitable water softener for you and your home and give an exact quote (with no hidden extras!).

Step 4 – Your Choice!

We give you all the information you need, answer any questions you have, and then the choice is yours.

We guarantee there will be no hard sell!

For further information, or to request a free home survey contact us.